To say French administration is lengthy, difficult and bureaucratic is being polite! At best it’s time-consuming and involves reams of paper. At worst it’s confusing, never-ending and downright frustrating. We love it! Let us take the strain by dealing with the authorities on your behalf. We have the experience, language and patience to handle the planning process thus saving you lots of unnecessary hassle and heartache.

Taking things one step further is our total project management service. Our sound knowledge of local artisans, who to pick and who to avoid, could save you hours of wasted time waiting for artisans who simply don’t arrive or who overcharge or, worse still, produce sub-standard work.

Moreover, trying to resolve complications from a distance can be nearly impossible.  We can be on-site to arrange quotations, schedule and oversee work; thus ensuring quality and timely progression of your project. To keep you updated we send emails and photographs on a regular basis.

‘Given that we are unable to get to Balssa as regularly as we might have liked Mr Knight has ensured that we have been kept up to date with progress
by sending us reports and photos of the work done. This has been invaluable to us’  Mrs H

Le Dray, Puech de Vers, 81190 Sainte Gemme  ● Tel: +33 (0) 6 51 60 29 99 (France) or +44 (0) 7933 166 595 (UK)
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